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Gardening in the Spring

Can it be that Spring might finally have arrived? Looking at the forecast for this week, it does appear warmer temperatures and sunny skies are headed our way in Georgia. What a beautiful site to see. Just recently the employees of Fontis Water were discussing spring and what types of gardens many would be growing this year.

As we Googled the topic and discussed, we found many great ideas and suggestions for gardening, including this great idea for a Square Foot Garden. And what in the world is this type of garden? It is actually a raised garden bed, and the link provided shows you exactly how to create one at your home. We loved this idea.

Locally there is a new blog called Redeem Your Ground, and we enjoyed the story the family shared about their family vegetable garden. The Scott family gives a step-by-step guide on how to create a wonderful veggie garden in your backyard. The garden not only provides the family with great foods, but it is also quite beautiful to see.

But now the question is what to plant? Spring is the perfect time to plant hardy and semi-hardy plants. A few examples of these types of plants include broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, celery, carrots and lettuce. (A complete guide can be found at this website.) And remember one of the keys to a successful garden is planting at the correct time of year.

We wish you happy planting this spring, and we hope we all are enjoying fresh vegetables from our own gardens this summer!