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Getting Ready for the Peachtree Road Race

Are you one of the lucky 60,000+ individuals who will be spending their 4th of July morning running the streets of Peachtree? If you are, we hope you have been training and are ready for what could be a very hot morning at the 2014 Peachtree Road Race. With temperatures already reaching the 90’s in early June, who knows what the 4th of July holds for us runners. One thing we know for sure, please make sure you are hydrating while you are training. As you head out the door to run, it would be wise to grab a bottle of Fontis Water and be sure to drink the refreshing water throughout your run. Drinking water will also be an important part of your race day on the 4th.

We found some great training tips and interesting articles at the Atlanta Runner’s Blog┬áto help you prepare for this year’s run. We especially liked the article written by Dr. Ryan Balmes that explains how to maintain a balance to run fast. All of these tips can help you achieve a successful race and hopefully with fewer sore muscles. If you have questions about race day make sure you check out the official Peachtree Road Race site. There you can learn about start waves, information about the Expo and tips on where to park the morning of the race.

To all those running, we wish you the best of luck on a successful race and happy training for the next three weeks!