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Give the People What They Want: A Reason to Gather at the Water Cooler Again

In a world of text messages and emails, many employees never take the time to actually say “Good Morning” to each other. Wouldn’t it be nice to bring back the camaraderie at the water cooler? The Fontis Water cooler? Sure, we want your employees to be productive, but everyone needs a break. By supplying your employees with a water cooler they can take that much needed break while enjoying great tasting, and refreshing, Fontis Water. Perhaps their conversations around the water cooler will turn to ways to improve your company’s bottom line or generate a brainstorming session for the next great roll out. Sure, we all know there will be talks of college football and who wore it best on the red carpet, but remember, they have been working hard for your company all day. A quick 10 minutes at the Fontis Water cooler could only be a win for you and your employees. Remember, drinking water is a great way to increase energy levels, it makes you generally feel better and it truly is one of the healthiest drinking options you can offer your staff. So what are you waiting for? Call Fontis Water today at 678-494-1981 and let us bring back the “good old days” at your office with a water cooler.