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Last Minute Gift Ideas

The reality is there are only 6 more days until Christmas. Yes, we don’t like stating that fact either, but the truth of the matter is, it’s time to get your shopping done! If you are like many Americans you have no idea what to get that hard to buy for person in your life. You had several creative ideas in mind last June, but December 19 has now arrived and it’s panic time.

Just like you we have been searching for great ideas, and while we were in the process, we found this fantastic article, “10 Super Last-Minute Holiday Gifts that No One Will Know Were Last Minute.” Sounds great doesn’t it? Two of our favorites were a museum membership or maid service. These are great gifts which do not involve a trip to the mall, and really who wouldn’t love one of these for a present under the tree? Another great idea? Donate to a local charity in honor of a friend or family member. Again, this can be done electronically without fighting over a coveted parking space.

No matter which path you choose we wish you luck in finding the perfect gift and if this article helps, then we have done our job. If after reviewing these ideas you are still stumped, there is always the gift of the best water around, Fontis Water! Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas!