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March Madness Gets Crazy After the First Day!

We are one day into March Madness and already we’ve seen top teams fall by the waist sides. Who will be next on the day two of tournaments? Here is what some are saying about March Madness for this weekend.

Round One

After the first day of NCAA action, there are still 192 perfect brackets remaining among the top bracket sites. Here’s how they break down:


There are still 161 perfect ESPN brackets.


There are still 14 perfect Yahoo brackets.


There are still nine perfect CBS brackets


There are still eight perfect NCAA Bracket Challenge brackets.

Perfect March Madness bracket odds

The odds of filling out a perfect bracket are long, to say the least. Based on a coin flip, someone filling out a bracket would have a 1-in-9,223,372,036,854,775,808 chance in getting every pick right.

The NCAA says that someone with basketball knowledge would have a 1-in-120.2 billion chance in getting a perfect bracket. That is, again, still an incredible longshot. For reference, with 7.9 billion people in the world, it would take every single person to have basketball knowledge and filling out 15.2 brackets each for at least one to likely be perfect.

More Action this Weekend

And remember, we are talking more than 20 million brackets completed! So without a doubt we are in for an exciting weekend! If you are at home grilling up wings and burgers, be sure to throw some Fontis Water bottles in that cooler for your guests. Yes it goes nicely with great food, adult beverages and NCAA basketball!