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Millennials are Shaping the Future of Water

Millennials. They have been characterized by many as rude, unappreciative and selfish. And those are the nicer words used to sometimes explain the Gen Y group. But what really is a millennial? Millennials are considered to be the group between the ages of 18 to 34 in 2015. How did they get their name? The credit actually goes to Neil Howe and and the late William Strauss. The two first used the term in the mid-90s when they wrote Millennials Rising in 2000. It was from the work they had done for a book called Generations, “which was among the first to explore the idea that groups share qualities such as beliefs, attitudes, values and behaviors because of the time period when they grew up.” Now you know who they are, but how are they shaping the future of water?

While some might characterize millennials as lazy, many disagree as this generation is definitely switching to a healthier lifestyle. They take supplements, turn to alternative medicines and eat natural foods. They are also turning down the sugary soda and switching to zero calorie water. According to Beverage World, “globally bottled water” was set to overtake carbonated soft drinks as the largest beverage category by volume by the end of last year, 2015. That’s right, the millennials may not be as focused on advanced college degrees, but they are certainly willing to spend more money on healthy food and drinks. Their awareness to health is helping the bottled water industry grow in record leaps and bounds. And at Fontis Water we are providing the millennials and all our customers, no matter their age, the best quality water in the business. 

We work hard to deliver quality products and the best customer experience. And even harder to earn and keep our the trust and loyalty of our customers. Whether you are a millennial, a Gen X or a baby boomer, we are here to deliver to your home or office, pure, natural mountain spring water. Call us today at 678-494-1981 to establish your bottled water delivery service and discover the Fontis Water difference.