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Thank A Veteran

Today we say thank you to the men and women that serve our country and allow us to live freely in the United States. But what does this holiday really mean to 19.6 million veterans? CNN decided to ask service men and women this very question and their answers led back to the response that they would love for this “thank you” to go further than just one day.

The article said, “they (veterans) encouraged a constant, creative and sensitive focus on veterans’ needs, like improving access to jobs and health care, particularly at Veterans’ Affairs facilities.” And just this Monday the new secretary of Veteran’s Affairs announced a new structuring for the struggling agency. But perhaps the easiest way to thank veterans throughout the year is to simply chat with them. They want us to get to know them, hear their stories and help close the “wide cultural gap between Americans who have no relationship with the Armed Forces and those who’ve served their country.”

CNN then reported five ways to honor a veteran beyond this one day, and they are all fabulous ideas. Whether it’s investing in veterans, helping their families or volunteering with veterans’ programs, there is so much one can do. Take a minute to read the entire article and perhaps try out one of these ideas in the new year. From all of us at Fontis Water, we say thank you today and everyday to our veterans.