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The Importance of your Digital Footprint

It’s been said over and over, “be careful what you post on social media.”  It’s a rule we follow at Fontis Water each and every day.  However, one communications director choose not to follow those words of wisdom and found herself fired before her plane even touched down in Africa.  Justine Sacco, the former PR executive for InterActive Corp, was fired for her tweet stating: “Going to Africa.  Hope I don’t get AIDS.  Just Kidding.  I’m white!”

It’s not clear what the executive was thinking when she tweeted this now famous tweet, but 140 characters or less, just cost her a prestigious job.  Sacco, who had less than 300 followers before the tweet, became an internet sensation in a matter of only a few short hours.  The hashtag #HasJustineLanded was actually trending world wide before her feet touched African soil.

Social media can be an awesome tool when used correctly, but when the young and old don’t think before they post, the cost can be high.  Learn more about Sacco’s story at the ABC website.