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Time for Some Good News

Sure, there is a great deal of pomp and circumstance being made over the birth of the Royal baby boy, but isn’t it nice to hear some good news?  In the past few weeks we have been inundated with news stories which have made us mad, angry, upset and confused.  We have seen terrorists glamorized in the media and celebrities behaving badly, so why not embrace the birth of the Royal Prince?

Simply flip on your television and there are live shots from St. Mary’s Hospital, Brits celebrating in pubs and masses of people surrounding Buckingham Palace. Now the world is waiting for a glimpse of the future king and his proud parents.  Of course there are speculations from London to Atlanta as to what the couple will name their baby and did you know that when you are a royal you have no surname?

We at Fontis Water, think it’s great to have some good news to chat about in this world and say Congrats to William and Kate!  For the latest and up-to-date information about the baby click here.