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Tiny Houses Come to Atlanta

Although “tiny” in size,  Tiny Houses are actually quite large right now, and this weekend they are taking over Decatur! Yes, make plans now to head over to Decatur where you can look inside these tiny living quarters. Imagine what it might be like to live in one as Tiny House Atlanta and the City of Decatur team up for the Decatur Tiny House Festival. The festival will feature a variety of events, lectures, and even a dozen or so tiny houses. Topics to be covered include: “sustainability, minimalism, urban planning, zoning, and downsizing.” tiny house Sound like your ideal way to live? Test that theory by seeing if you show one of the five signs of being a tiny houser candidate!

Events begin Saturday morning and continue through Sunday evening. The tiny houses, food trucks (yes these are full size) and Fontis Water can be found just southwest of Decatur Square in a parking lot, while the symposium series will take place across the street.