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What NOT to be this Halloween

Every year the young and old face the dilemma of what to be for Halloween? You want to be original, but there is such a thing as taking the costume too far. CNN recently reported what one should not be for Halloween and topping the list was dressing in an Ebola hazmat suit. Trending topics can be fun, but many are simply too fresh and can be right down offensive to other part goers.

The CNN article stated, “they (party goers) might evoke a chuckle from the crasser among us, but do you really want to be the hero of the most obnoxious person at the party or, worse, the most-hated person on Twitter?” To see the complete list make sure you check out the entire article.

If you don’t want to be “that person,” remember the oldies but goodies are still great ideas. Why not be a vampire, ghoul, superhero or princess? These are classics and their survival of time, prove they are great choices. And if all else fails, why not go dressed as a Fontis Water bottle? Yes, we love that idea, too.

No matter what your costume might be tonight, be safe and Happy Halloween from all your friends at Fontis!