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Will you be Watching Monday Night?

On Monday night a winner will be declared in the first ever College Football Championship, and according to an article in The Wall Street Journal, “ESPN may already be the winner.” When the Oregon Ducks take on the Ohio State Buckeyes Monday night, advertisers will have spent more than $800,000 to $1 million for a quick 30 second spot! The cost for advertising during this game is approximately 25 percent greater than what companies paid last year to advertise during the title game. This change in the playoff system has caused a greater interest in the final outcome and fans are ready!

The semifinal games that were played on New Year’s Day were among the most-watched cable telecasts ever. The contest between Ohio State and Alabama averaged 28.3 million viewers while the semifinal between Oregon and Florida State averaged 28.2 million, according to Nielsen.”

No matter who the winner might be, the masses will be watching. We hope you enjoy the game with a refreshing bottle of Fontis Water, and if you do please post pictures on our Facebook page!